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What People Are Saying About Sue Elliott's Personal and Executive Coaching, Workshops and Products...


TESTIMONIAL: “Sue is so stinkin' awesome! Coaching with Sue is like having a personal guide to myself. She helps me find the heart of me beyond my mind's insistent habits and incessant chatter. There is a Chinese Proverb that says, ‘Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.’ With patience, wisdom, insight and humor, Sue helps me discover who I am, and relaxing into what I find is always the inevitable result. With laser-like accuracy, she also translates my body's symptoms into the messages being sent to me from my greater self and helps to move the energy or create change. Working with Sue leads me to trust and have patience with myself and my life.” —Carrie Mayes, Michigan

TESTIMONIAL: “What an amazing coaching session I had. It was truly magical, one of the best moments of 2013... Talking to Sue was so uplifting; her encouragements and her energy made me feel my greatness.

“I appreciate her help in clearing and releasing a lot of stuck energy of what no longer served me. I was so happy that someone could understand the depth of what I was talking about. I am excited about the unfolding of 2014 and the opportunity to participate on the Power-Full Intention Calls.” —Lilly Saouli, Chicago 

TESTIMONIAL: “After attending Sue Elliott's 'Life Without Limits workshop,' my life will never be the same.” —JR, California

TESTIMONIAL: “The advice Sue gave me and the processes continue to help me be okay with me. I am truly learning to let go so that I can live more in the present and surround myself with those I can trust and depend on.” —Teresa, Sacramento

TESTIMONIAL: “In a quick fear-releasing session with Sue, I felt instant peace. Her gentle energy allowed me to shift my own energy back to my happy place.” —Catherine, California

TESTIMONIAL: “Your ‘Life Without Limits: Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs!’ seminar was truly amazing! I found myself really breathing again, you know, where you feel your breath through your entire body, not just stopping at the lungs! I haven’t done that on my own, without someone talking me through it, in a long time, if ever! I could actually feel the bad energy moving through my body; there were times I actually had a few tears as I allowed some junk to release! I will be listening to this call as much as possible ... as I know I have a lot more ‘gunk’ that needs to go away! ... I am starting to feel my soul again! I can’t wait to fully release all I have stored up from childhood to now and live the life I was meant to live! I know some of my purpose that God has me here for, but I can only see a glimpse of it. I know getting rid of this all will help me see my purpose and finally love myself and live my life to the fullest! Thank you so much for everything, and I can’t wait to continue my journey with you!” —Dawn, Wisconsin

TESTIMONIAL: “There is a light and a grace and a warmth to Sue’s very presence that is uncanny, and more pronounced than with anyone else I know. She is an incredible listener and true cheerleader. She also has an innate ability to hone in on the passions, talents and inner fire of other people and to coax it out, encourage it to thrive, and provide valuable, viable ideas of ways for people to live to their fullest. I think she has a gift to see people as they want to be seen — as their higher self would like to be seen — and to inspire that higher self to be out in the world.” —Nicole B., New York City

TESTIMONIAL: “Sue is a compassionate catalyst for transformation who uses her intuition to get to the heart of the matter. In one session, she connected with my Inner Child and helped me clear a long-standing issue with compassion and ease. I love the way she brings in the Access Tools and uses them so seamlessly. Sue shares these tools from the deep well of her own life experience. She is such a joy to work with!” —PJ Spur,

TESTIMONIAL: “Sue and I connected during the hardest year of my life. As I told her my situation, she listened, asked challenging questions and added a point of view that I hadn’t thought of before. Since then, we have had much communication about attitude, perspective, letting go of things that are holding me back, ‘Letting go and letting God,’ and opening myself up to what the universe is showing me. Through her, I have been able to look at the universe in a different way. Without Sue’s influence, I would not have been able to let the signs in and see what I needed to see at the time. Her life coaching and perspective on life have been an influence that I will always be grateful for and look to as often as I can.” —Jason, Napa, CA

TESTIMONIAL: “Sue is an uplifter. She’s very good at reading people’s limiting beliefs.” —Paul K., Texas

TESTIMONIAL: “Sue Elliott is so perceptive and intuitive. She quickly discerns what's blocking us from the slightest hints that we unknowingly reveal in our everyday interactions - she was busting me left and right!  She then lovingly and magically releases those blocks plus a lot, lot more. I was elevated from one magical moment to another.” —Bill Fox,