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Dancing with Spirit in BusinessTM

Dancing with Spirit in BusinessTM is for people with a spiritual practice who want to experience more ease, grace and abundance in their business — whether they’re solo “soul-preneurs” or CEOs of large companies.

Dancing with Spirit in BusinessTM is:

  • NOT traditional goal-setting
  • NOT traditional marketing and sales strategies
  • NOT traditional Law of Attraction manifesting techniques!


What is it?

Dancing with Spirit in BusinessTM is doing business in a whole new way ... from an expansive energy space and consciousness.


When you’re Dancing with Spirit in BusinessTM:

  • You’re tuned in to infinite wisdom and awareness!
  • You feel inspired, led, Divinely guided!
  • Work feels more like play!
  • You show up in the right place at the right time!
  • You attract perfect customers and collaborators!
  • Decision-making feels easy (with no second-guessing)!
  • Offerings arrive as “Divine downloads”!
  • “Sales and marketing materials” write themselves!
  • You can feel where the market is headed!
  • You’re in the flow!
  • You live in non-attachment to particular results!
  • You allow in infinite possibilities ... and ease ... and grace ... and abundance!

Sound delicious? IT IS!

The Dancing with Spirit in BusinessTM coaching program can be custom-tailored to best suit your needs and situation. Please email me with 2 or 3 timeframes when you’re available to connect by phone (including your time zone), and we’ll schedule a 20-minute call to feel into whether Dancing with Spirit in BusinessTM is for you.

Let’s get started today! Email Click here to email Sue now.