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Do you feel like — no matter WHAT you do you keep...

- banging up against the same old MONEY issues?

- replaying the same problems over and over again in your intimate RELATIONSHIP (or in relationship... after relationship... after relationship)?

- struggling with excess body WEIGHT that won't go away (or that keeps coming back)?

- suffering from stubborn, chronic HEALTH challenges?

- enduring FAMILY relationships that are draining, upsetting or simply unsatisfying?


Or maybe you find yourself ON THE VERGE of...


- financial ABUNDANCE...

- great LOVE...

- quitting your day job to do WORK that makes your heart sing...

... yet it always remains JUST OUT OF REACH!


Frustrating, right?!!!


If any of this feels true in YOUR life experience, you've got some hidden barriers. And those hidden barriers are called LIMITING BELIEFS!

Could that really be true? Could a few old beliefs — conscious ones or unconscious ones — be the only things holding you back from:

+ financial ease
+ delicious, loving relationships
+ a happy body
+ meaningful work
+ a joyful life
+ and everything else you desire?!

Yes, yes, and yes! It's true!


So... Would you be willing to give up those old beliefs?

Yes? Oh good!

Please join me for a truly magical, transformative experience: LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS: Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs!

* * *

In this LIVE, two-hour workshop, we’ll work (play!) together to easily remove those blocks to your success!

And when I say YOUR success, I mean it. You’ll be able to submit YOUR OWN limiting beliefs for clearing.

I can almost hear you thinking, “I’ve tried this before. I can’t bear to be disappointed again.”

I understand! I had tried lots and lots of different techniques to move forward in my life, and I had some success... but nothing like what I truly desired...

Then I discovered this POWERFUL technique for clearing GUNK (you know, the lies you bought into as a CHILD, the lies you’ve believed from SOCIETY and the MEDIA, the lies that CRITICAL VOICE inside your head tells you — all that “stuff”!).

And it turns out I have a MAGICAL GIFT for working with this technique — an intuitive, felt sense of what needs clearing in each person. 

This amazing technique has made ALL the difference in my life and in the lives of my friends, family and clients!


How MUCH of a difference? Well, let’s see...


Today, I feel relaxed and easy and abundant around MONEY.

Today, I do WORK that makes my heart sing — and that brings immense joy and energy into my life!

Today, I have a loving, amazing RELATIONSHIP with a man who totally gets this Law of Attraction stuff!

Today, my MOM and I travel together first-class all the way and enjoy an amazing friendship!

Today, I live in a beautiful HOME in a community that feels like a RESORT!

Today, I have a happy, size 4 BODY (after many years of being a size 10 or 12)!


I didn’t diet. I didn’t exercise like crazy. I didn’t join a dating website or pay a matchmaker. And I most certainly did NOT sell my SOUL for money.


What DID I do? I used this amazing clearing technique to get rid of tons and tons (and tons) of limiting beliefs!


PLEASE allow me to share this amazing practice with you ... for just $33 if you register now ($40 at the door)! 

Join me for LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS: Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs!

In this live, two-hour, totally interactive workshop, we’ll clear a ton of your old gunk ... on Sunday, October 27, 2013, from 2 to 4 p.m. The workshop will be held at:

Awakenings Center for Conscious Living

25260 La Paz Road, Suite D

Laguna Hills, CA 92653



Be sure to reserve your space now, so you receive the early-bird price of just $33! (The cost will be $40 at the door.)


Is it really possible to let go of limiting beliefs, instantly know it and feel it, and be forever transformed in a two-hour workshop? It’s not only possible but magical. And that’s what Sue does. That’s the only way I know how to describe it. This won’t make sense until you experience it. 

 “Sue effortlessly helped me see limits that I couldn’t see — then held them up for me to see in such a gentle and loving way — while magically vaporizing them. I tell ya, I can still re-live the feeling as the waves of limiting energy were released!

“If you truly would like to let go of limiting beliefs, you owe it to yourself to sign up for this workshop!” 

—Bill Fox,



If you’ve been running into the same obstacles over and over again... If you’ve achieved success and then lost it... If you seem to keep re-creating the same situations — different faces, different places, same old yuck! — in your life over and over again...

Now is the time. 

Get ready to live a LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS!

This live, two-hour, totally interactive workshop on Sunday, October 27, 2013, from 2 to 4 p.m. at Awakenings Center for Conscious Living is just $33 if you reserve your space now! (Otherwise, it will be $40 at the door.)

Please sign up now! Now is the time to let go of whatever has been holding YOU apart from YOUR SUCCESS!