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Ready to Transform YOUR Experience of the Holidays?


Whether we like it or not, the holidays are here!

Does this time of year fill you with eagerness and excitement?

Or do you feel dread and anxiety?


For many of us, the holidays bring up all kinds of old patterns and sore spots and discomfort.

There’s the trauma and drama around family at this time of year... Perhaps you’re dreading having to get together with people who make you crazy. Or maybe you’re sad because you won’t be able to see the people you love. Perhaps the holidays remind you that you don’t have the kind of picture-perfect family you’ve always wanted. (And who does, really?!)

And then there’s all the stuff around gift-giving! There’s all that obligation and financial pressure... The crowds at the malls... And how many of us have received gifts from people that make us wonder, “Have you even met me?!”

Oh, and then there are the holiday parties! All that forced frivolity, the company office party, the small talk...

Not to mention all the stuff around food and cooking and overeating!


If just thinking about all of this makes you feel ugh, I can totally relate!


Wouldn’t you love for the holidays to feel different?

Wouldn’t you love for this holiday season to feel more joyful, more authentic, more loving — and more self-honoring and self-loving?


I know I would! That’s why I’ve created a powerful set of audios called

Heartfelt Holidays


TESTIMONIAL: “I had the opportunity to preview Sue‘s new program and it is amazing! Her voice is so sweet and angelic, it automatically puts you at ease and in joy just listening to her. What a gift.” —B. Fox, Northern Virginia 


Because the holiday time is super busy — and because many of us are already feeling a time crunch — these audios are laser-focused.

They're short enough to listen to while you get ready in the morning... on the way to work... even during a coffee break! They do not require a whole lot of your time...

And yet they will provide tremendous shifts in your experience of the holidays this year — and, most especially, in your level of joy!


The eight briefhighly targeted audios in HEARTFELT HOLIDAYS cover:

+ Giving

+ Receiving

+ Crowds & Shopping

+ Family

+ Parties & Food

+ How to Create the Kinds of Holiday Experiences and Traditions That Will Satisfy You on the Deepest Levels 


+ And a BONUS AUDIO that I call “Break Glass in Case of Emergency!” This one will help you cope in ANY challenging situation — during the holidays and beyond!


You can use these audios in any order you choose ... at your convenience ... and at your own speed!


TESTIMONIAL: “Get this! It's eight audios to keep you centered during the holiday craziness. The topics are awesome (like Crowds & Shopping, Parties & Food, Family) and it's only $29 [Now only $9!]. Sue Elliott walks her talk, plus her voice is really soothing. Load these on your iPhone before Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday shopping and save your sanity in 12 minutes.” —CM, Maryland 


These brief (12-minute-max!) audios will address what is coming up for you. They will support you in rising above your grief, fears, dread and other “gunk.”

And they will help you to navigate this holiday season with graceease and genuine JOY!

Seriously. I know from considerable personal experience — and from the experiences of my friends and family and clients — that the techniques I will share with you in these audios are incredibly (almost magically!) powerful. They truly do make a world of difference


Plus, HEARTFELT HOLIDAYS won’t just clear away your gunk and then leave you hanging...

It also will empower and enable you to create a whole new way of being during the holidays, complete with your own chosen traditions!


TESTIMONIAL: “Sue Elliott hits the nail on the head.” —AK, Cork, Ireland


So... How much would it be worth for you to finally stop dreading ... and suffering through ... the holidays ... FOREVERMORE?

A whole LOT, right?!

And yet... these extremely POWERFUL audios are just $29 $9!

At this kind of price, how can you resist?! :)