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Heartfelt Holidays DOWNLOAD PAGE

Thank you very much for choosing to shift your experience of the holidays this year!

* * * To download your audio files — along with the PDF — scroll down and simply click on the link/name of each file below. * * * 

You may want to bookmark this Download Page, in case you do not finish downloading all of the files now.


I encourage you to listen to the “Introduction to Heartfelt Holidays” first. As for the other audios, feel free to listen to them in any order that calls to you — and to listen to them as many times as you like.

You may particularly want to listen to the audio titled “Expanding Your Energy Field” again and again. This is the audio I lovingly refer to as “Break Glass in Case of Emergency!”

Again, thank you from my heart to yours, and may your experience of this holiday season be filled with ease and peace and genuine JOY!