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Executive & Entrepreneur Coaching


SUE ELLIOTT, Founder of Law of Attraction Magazine • Personal and Executive Transformation Coach

Is your work exciting and energizing? Are you as successful as you’d like to be?

If not, let’s work (play!) together to help you experience more meaning, engagement and genuine joy at work! 

Together, we will discover your unconscious blocks to success. My “special skill” is being able to easily and quickly spot dysfunctional patterns, limiting beliefs and old programming, helping to make the unconscious conscious.

From there, we will unravel all of that old programming in minutes, setting you free of those blocks forevermore! 

Let’s get started! Click here to email Sue now.

Thinking about offering coaching to your employees? Coaching is not only an amazing benefit, it can be a direct contribution to your bottom line! Click here for a quick video of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh talking about The ROI on Coaching.”