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SUE ELLIOTT, Founder of Law of Attraction Magazine • Personal and Executive Transformation Coach


Fast, Fun,




My style of coaching is fast, fun and highly intuitive.

During our coaching sessions, YOU share what you would like to change in your life.

As you speak, I’ll be spotting your limiting beliefs and patterns, and asking if you would like to release them.

When you say YES, then Spirit — and the angels and our highest selves — untangle and dissolve those patterns that no longer serve your best and highest good.


After working (playing!) with me, clients have experienced tremendous improvements in their relationships, work life, joy levels, physical well-being, ease around money and so much more!

Here are just a few of the experiences clients have shared: 

• letting go of the need to do everything solo AND attracting a perfect employee after just one session!

• finding and releasing a childhood pattern that was slowly killing a marriage in less than two hours of coaching!

• letting go of a lifelong pattern of walking on eggshells, hiding and doing darn-near anything to avoid provoking anger!

doubling registrations for a webinar (up to 143 people) within 24 hours of a group coaching session!


Together, we can remove the blocks to

Ease, Peace, Success and Joy in YOUR Life

Let's get started!

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