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Coaching for Coaches Special Offer


TESTIMONIAL: “What an amazing coaching session I had. It was truly magical, one of the best moments of 2013… I appreciated Sue’s help in clearing and releasing a lot of stuck energy... I was so happy that someone could understand the depth of what I was talking about.” —Lilly Saouli, Chicago



Are YOU ready to supercharge your powers and let go of anything holding you back in the New Year? Are you ready to soar?!

If you are, then this special Coaching for Coaches offer is for you :)


Why Coaching for Coaches?

I was talking to a friend the other day, and she asked me who my favorite clients are. Without a moment's hesitation, I said, “I love coaching coaches!”

If you're like the amazing coaches I've had the honor of working (playing!) with, then you're utterly ready for deep and permanent shifts. You just need a little help spotting your “blind spots”!

I especially love helping coaches like you because when you shift, your clients benefit — so the win-win is exponential!



TESTIMONIAL: “Sue is a compassionate catalyst for transformation who uses her intuition to get to the heart of the matter. In one session, she connected with my Inner Child and helped me clear a long-standing issue with compassion and ease... She is such a joy to work with!” —PJ Spur,


The Coaching for Coaches Special Offer

Simply sign up for a package of six 60-minute coaching sessions, and you'll save $321! 

Your price (which is available through January 24, 2014 — good for coaching sessions between now and April 1, 2014) is $1011 for six 60-minute coaching sessions.

This price includes a recording of each session, so you can listen again and again for even deeper insights and clearing! 


Why Now?

I have several HUGE projects in development at this time, so I know I'm going to get REALLY busy.

In other words, if you even think you might like to work (play!) with me as a coach someday, please do it now. 

Simply CLICK the button below — or email me if you'd like a discount on even more coaching sessions — and let's start shifting!




TESTIMONIAL: “The advice Sue gave me and the processes continue to help me be okay with me. I am truly learning to let go so that I can live more in the present and surround myself with those I can trust and depend on.” —Teresa, Sacramento


With deep appreciation for you and your journey,