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Time to Stop “Future-Tripping”  

Have you ever read a phrase that stopped you in your tracks? Something that completely touched a chord in you and set up a powerful resonance?

In her Ascension Notes on 1/10/15, Kara used a phrase I don’t recall ever seeing before: “future-tripping.”

The phrase grabbed me. It woke up some dormant awareness within me. And a newfound knowing arrived to me and through me:

“Now is the time, for all of us on the planet, to stop ‘future-tripping.’ As we experience more joy and safety and ‘feeling guided’ in the Now, the future will unfold more magically and miraculously than we could ever envision!”

I received this beautiful knowing for a coaching client — and of course for myself. And I had to share it with all of you.

You see, last week, I was speaking with this client about new ways to navigate the future. Like so many people who practice Law of Attraction processes and techniques, she was creating detailed visions of her future home, right down to the floor plan, the furniture and the view.

I’ve come to see these detailed visioning processes as a form of micro-managing the Universe. It’s like going into one of the finest restaurants in the world and giving the chef substitution after substitution: Instead of grilling the asparagus, please steam it. And instead of putting the sauce right on top, I’d like the sauce on the side. And I don’t want any cumin in the dish. Use curry powder instead...

And then we wonder why the dish was just so-so. Isn’t this supposed to be a world-class restaurant?!

Of course, getting into this level of detail in our requests to the Universe is considered normal in many Law of Attraction circles. Because we want to manifest our “perfect dream reality,” we create our vision boards and our lists of ideal characteristics in an ideal mate ... or we specify the exact design features of our dream home...

The problem is: This often keeps us stuck. We’re focusing on what we want in the future (in incredibly specific detail), which means we’re extremely clear about what we are lacking, right here, right now. In other words, we’re “future-tripping.”

And while we’re doing that, we most definitely are not appreciating what we do have right now. We’re not appreciating and enjoying this moment.

And that’s so important, if we really want to allow change into our lives.

I believe we “future-trip” because we don’t truly trust the Universe. Deep down, where it really matters, we’re afraid. We haven’t moved into a place of total faith and trust that we live in a loving, benevolent Universe that has our best interests at heart.

We’re afraid that if we don’t tell the Universe exactly what we want, it will bring us so-so manifestations — or more of what we’ve got right now.

I understand. And yet, I believe exactly the opposite is true: When we relax and trust the Universe, what it brings us is more magnificent than anything we could dream up on our own — and a better match to everything we desire (not just what we remember that we want when we’re creating our vision boards).

I believe that when we reach a space of relaxing and trusting the Universe, then we can truly enjoy the present moment.

And that’s when we can better hear — and act on — our guidance and intuition.

And that, my friends, is how the future unfolds more magically and miraculously than we could ever envision, even in our grandest dreams!


A Gift of Compassion for the Holidays

These next few days can be really challenging for many of us. When people push our buttons — during the holidays or any time — our minds have a tendency to go into an ego space, a space where we’re focused on what somebody’s doing to us... and why it’s wrong and why it hurts and how many times they’ve done it before…

It’s a quick path into a downward spiral!

So, here’s something we can do to make the holidays easier: We can give our minds a new job.

Rather than focusing on what that person is doing to us, let’s shift our focus. Let’s ask our minds to identify what may have been done to that person in the past. What sort of wounds might be causing this particular behavior?

This way, we shift from feeling attacked and hurt or defensive into feeling compassion.

And from a space of compassion, we can be our best and highest selves. We can send love. We can give hugs. Or, if it’s for our own best and highest good, we can smile and get up and leave the room.

P.S. My heartfelt holidays audio program has helped a lot of people at this time of year. It’s just $9, and it includes eight audios that will help you shift your energy around family, food, parties, shopping, giving, receiving and more. For more info, visit


A Powerful Practice for Giving Thanks

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, I encourage you to do a different kind of gratitude practice, if it feels resonant for you:

Make a list, preferably in writing, of all the “losses” that you are now grateful for.

This might include relationships that ended — painful at the time, but clearly a blessing now.  It might include jobs you applied for and didn’t get — or layoffs that liberated you from an ugly situation.

This gratitude process is extremely powerful. Transforming the memory of things you once perceived as problems into gifts is hugely liberating. It releases you from the burden of the past, and it raises your vibration, making you a match to more of what you desire.

I am so thankful that you are a part of my life!

With a heart full of love and gratitude for you,



The Law of Attraction and Backgammon

I have a friend who’s really into the game of backgammon. He reads about backgammon. He plays in backgammon tournaments all the time. And he’s very into studying and knowing the odds. For instance, if he makes a move, he knows that the odds of his opponent rolling the dice in a way that’s “harmful” to him are 17-to-1 or 33-to-1. And that’s how he chooses his moves.

So, what’s the problem with that?

Well, we are all creating our own reality. And if you’re creating your reality based on the odds, you’re creating your reality based on the past. You’re creating your reality based on what other people have already manifested.

The thing is: You don’t have to create a reality based on the past. You can create a reality that’s entirely fresh and new and different.

My friend sees other people doing this all the time. He’s often blown away by how many times his opponents defy the odds. They roll something that is barely possible. Then they do it again. And again. And then he tells me that it was something like 2,000-to-1 that a game would unfold the way it did.

And yet, it did...

So, how does that happen?

We could chalk it up to nothing more than dumb luck — after all, someone has to be that 1-in-2,000 person, right?

But, when I take the Law of Attraction into account, I can’t help but wonder if something bigger is happening. And of course it is. After all, we’re all creating our own reality, all the time.

Now, many of us wind up creating a reality just like the past (“Oh, man! That always happens to me!”). But we also can create an entirely new reality.

When it comes to backgammon, we can create from a vibration that’s a match to winning. We can go into a game knowing (not hoping, not praying, but really knowing) that we’re going to win. And then we can hold that tone, no matter what goes on around us.

This works beautifully for some people. And for others, it feels like too much attachment to the idea of winning. It feels grabby or stressful, and it throws off their vibration.

For these people — including me! — creating a reality that “defies the odds” is easier when we let go of any preference for winning or losing and simply find joy in the game. As we play, we hold the vibrational tones of joy and surprise and delight. And the Law of Attraction says when you are experiencing joy and surprise and delight, you’re a vibrational match to more things that feel like joy and surprise and delight.

Of course, the same thing happens when we go into frustration or irritation. Then we’re a match to more things that feel like frustration or irritation. And that’s how a tournament goes down the drain. We get into that downward spiral of emotion, and we attract more experiences that feel like that.

The key, then, is to manage our energy while we’re playing. If we want to experience joy during a game, we go into the game solidly anchored in the energy of joy. If our opponent makes a move that upsets us, we quickly pivot and shift our energy back to joy.

Recently, I had a chance to practice this myself. I was in a really joyful state when I started playing backgammon with a woman. Then she won something like five games in a row. I could feel myself getting frustrated and upset. So I stopped and consciously reset my energy. I returned to a space of playfulness and joy.

I also chose to apply what I had learned from watching this woman “beat me” several times. By doing this, I shifted my perspective on those “losing games” and allowed myself to view them as a beneficial experience. I changed my internal dialogue from “That was upsetting and frustrating” to “That was a great learning opportunity.”

And I also remembered a story told by Abraham and Esther Hicks: Esther was playing a dice game, and she soon discovered that she could roll exactly what she wanted every single time.

I thought: If she can, I can! So, I consciously chose to relax whenever I rolled the dice, trusting that I would get just the roll I needed.

From that energy space and consciousness, I went on to win game after game. Meanwhile, the other woman became more and more frustrated, contributing to her downward spiral and making my wins even “easier.”

So, yes, I am living proof that this can be done!

However, I am a beginner at backgammon, and my friend may write off my success to beginner’s luck — or even to learning how to play “against” a particular opponent.

The question is: How can someone who’s no longer a beginner let go of limiting beliefs they may have picked up along the way? How can someone who already “knows” the odds of a certain move being “better” or “worse” (in backgammon or in any area of life) combine what he knows in his head with the Law of Attraction? Is that even do-able?

I believe it is. For example, it’s entirely possible to evaluate all of your possible moves, make a selection and then line up your energy with that selection. This means no second-guessing yourself. No worrying that another move might have been better. No diluting your vibration.

I also know that it’s possible to manage your vibration during a game or a match or a whole tournament. It is entirely possible to pause mentally and choose to reset your vibration.

And there are other techniques we can apply during a game, too. For instance, I know that it’s helpful to tune in to our intuition. So, when I’m playing backgammon, I will consider different moves and feel into them to notice which feels like a yes for me and which feels like a no in that moment. When I ignore my intuition and make a move that feels like a no for me — because, in my head, I know it’s “supposed to be” the better move — it always turns out to be the wrong move for that particular game. And when I do listen to my intuition and I make the move that feels like a yes for me, it’s always the better move for that moment in time. (Of course, this holds true in all areas of life!)

So, am I saying that taking lessons or reading books to learn how to play a game better is a waste of time? Am I saying that it’s wrong to learn about strategy and winning moves?

Not at all. It’s hard to play any game well without learning how to play.

The question is: How do we learn to play a game in a way that’s beneficial?

For me, with backgammon, this involves understanding the rules and some basic concepts, like the value of building a “prime” and when you want to “play open” or not. With a game like tennis, it helps to know basics like how to hold the racket, how to step into the ball and how to follow through.

But then it helps to detach — from an attachment to winning, from a mental certainty of what’s “right” and what’s wrong,” and from past experiences in playing the game.

When we detach from all of that, we allow everything to be fresh and new. And from that place, we can relax and trust. We can tune our vibration to joy and surprise and delight. And we can tune in to our intuition.

If you have other strategies for applying the Law of Attraction in games like this — or if you have questions or comments about your own experiences — I would love to hear them. Please share them in the comments below.


Is That a Rock Chip on My Windshield?!

The angels had some fun with me this week. I was driving on the freeway, and I was feeling stressed and grumpy. Next thing I knew, I heard a loud thunk, and then I noticed a spot on my windshield.

I immediately connected my mood with the thunk and thought, “Oh great. I wasn’t managing my energy, and now it looks like I may have attracted a rock that put a chip in my windshield.”

I'm glad I saw the connection in the moment. But ... can you see how I was beating myself up with this realization? And can you see how this particular thought ALSO was a vibrational match to stress and grumpiness? 

Fortunately, I was able to find my joy again quickly, and I soon forgot all about the experience.

But then, a couple days later, I was driving toward the setting sun and it was hard to see through my dusty windshield. I pushed the button for the washer fluid, watched the windshield wipers go back and forth a few times and was able to see clearly again.

But then ... I checked to see if that spot on my windshield had washed away (gulp!) ... or if it really was a rock chip. (Yikes!)

So, what do you think I saw?

Because I was in a space of worry and concern that the spot on my windshield might actually be a rock chip ... of course the spot on my windshield did not wash away. It couldn’t!

A couple days later, I went through the same thing. I used the washer fluid to clean my windshield. I was still in a space of worry about whether or not I had manifested a chipped windshield. And the spot was still there.


Yesterday, I finally went to the car wash. And while I was waiting for my car to come out, I felt a bit of fear about the cold water hitting my warm windshield. If that spot really was a rock chip, the shock of cold water might cause the windshield to crack! Eek!

The instant I felt that “Eek!” I knew I had to change my story.

I asked the angels for help. And, in an instant, a new possibility arrived in my mind: What if the thunk I'd heard on the freeway wasn’t a ROCK hitting my windshield? What if it was a BIG BUG?

I KNOW that bug residue doesn’t always wash off with the wiper fluid, so this thought brought me instant relief. Oh... No big deal... It was just a big bug... 

In that moment, I offered thanks to the bug who gave his life for my “lesson,” and I thanked the angels profusely for helping me shift my energy — and my manifestation — in an instant.

A few minutes later, my car was all clean and dry, and the spot on the windshield was gone!

I am sharing this story with you because it was such a clear and beautiful reminder from the angels: When we change our internal dialogue from a story that feels worrisome and fearful to a story that feels like relief (or appreciation or joy or any better-feeling emotion), we are able to change our reality ... in an instant!